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The purpose of this policy is to reinforce the facility’s commitment to upholding the rights and responsibilities of our patients and to provide guidelines for staff to follow in the safe setting and care of these patients. The patient or patient’s representative will be provided with verbal and written notice of the patient’s rights in advance of the date of the procedure, in a language and manner that the patient or the patient’s representative understands. The written notice of the patient rights should be prominently displayed in a place or places within the ASC likely to be noticed by patients (or their representative, if applicable), e.g. - waiting for treatment, in the patient waiting room.



VARICOSE VEIN SOLUTIONS and medical staff have adopted the following statement of patient rights.
These rights are explained to the patient or the patient’s representative (as allowed under state law).
These rights shall include, but not be limited to, the patient's right to:

  1. Patients and patient properties are treated with respect, consideration, dignity and provided privacy.
  2. Patient disclosures and records are treated confidentially, and patients are given the opportunity to approve or refuse the release, except when release is required by law.
  3. Patients are provided, to the degree known, complete information concerning their diagnosis, evaluation, treatment and prognosis. When it is medically inadvisable to give such information to a patient, the information is provided to a person designated by the patient or to a legally authorized person.
  4. Patients are given the opportunity to participate in decisions involving their health care, except when such participation is contraindicated for medical reasons.
  5. Know what this facility's rules and regulations apply to their conduct as a patient.
  6. The patient has the right to change their provider if other qualified providers are available.
  7. Be fully informed of the scope of services available at the center, provisions for after-hours and emergency care, and related fees for services rendered before it is performed.
  8. Be informed of charges, fees for service, payment policies, receive an explanation of your bill and receive counseling on the availability of known financial resources for health care services.
  9. Be informed of your right to refuse to participate in experimental research if applicable.
  10. Know that VARICOSE VEIN SOLUTIONS will resuscitate the patient until transfer to the hospital. any advance directive will be noted in the patient medical record and will be communicated to other medical facilities, if a transfer is needed.
  11. The patient has the right to receive enough information from the physician so that he/she can understand the services being rendered in order to sign the informed consent.
  12. The patient may leave VARICOSE VEIN SOLUTIONS , even against the advice of his or her physicians after signing the AMA form
  13. Reasonable continuity of care and advance knowledge of the time and location of appointment, as well as knowledge of the physician providing the care.
  14. Be free from all forms of abuse, discrimination, harassment or reprisal. Receives access to equal medical treatment and accommodations regardless of race, creed, sex, national origin, religion, or sources of payment for care.
  15. Know that your physician may have financial interests or ownership in VARICOSE VEIN SOLUTIONS .
  16. Know the name and role of your caregiver (e.g., doctor, nurse, technician, etc.). You have a right to request information and/or credentials about the physician providing your care.
  17. Report any comments or voice any grievances concerning the quality of services provided or fails to be provided to the patient during the time spent at the center without being subjected to discrimination or reprisal and receive timely, fair follow-up on your comments.
  18. Patient has the rights to receive an assessment and appropriate management of pain

For complaints or comments about your medical care, you may call or contact:


As a patient in our center, you have certain responsibilities, which includes:
  1. Provide complete and accurate information to the best of his/her ability about his/her health, any medications, including over-the-counter products and dietary supplements and any allergies or sensitivities.
  2. Follow the treatment plan prescribed by his/her provider.
  3. Provide a responsible adult to transport him/her home from the center and remain with him/her for 24 hours required by his/her provider.
  4. Inform his/her provider about any living will, medical power of attorney, or other directive that could affect his/her care.
  5. Accept personal financial responsibility for any charges not covered by his/her insurance.
  6. Be respectful of all the health care providers and staff, as well as other patients.
  7. Respect the privacy of other patients.
  8. To work with your health care team and to follow all safety rules.
  9. To tell you doctor about any changes in your health after you leave our center.
  10. To keep, or cancel in a timely manner, your scheduled appointments for your health care.
  11. To tell your health care team if you wish to change any of your decisions.
  12. To ask for clarification if you do not understand any information or instructions given to you by your health care team.


If you have any questions or concerns about your responsibilities, you can contact the director. File a grievance with the facility by contacting the Clinical Director, via telephone or in writing, when you feel your rights have been violated. See grievance policy.

If you wish to file a complaint about your care in our facility you may contact the following agencies:

It is not acceptable for the ASC to provide the required patient rights notice for the first time to a patient on the day that the surgical procedure is scheduled to occur, unless:
  1. The referral to the center for surgery is made on that same date; and
  2. The referring physician indicates, in writing, that it is medically necessary for the patient to have the surgery on the same day, and that surgery in a center setting is suitable for that patient. In such situations the ASC must provide the required notice prior to obtaining the patient's informed consent.
  3. Note that in the situation outlined above in #2, the notice must be provided prior to obtaining informed consent.
  4. Patient Rights must be prominently posted in the facility.


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